New Comics Shipping Thursday, May 31

May 29, 2007

Action Comics #850
Amazons Attack #2
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Handbook
Bleach Vol. 19 TP
Blue Beetle #15
Boys Vol. 1 TP
Boys #7
Chucky #2
Civil War Companion TP
Countdown #48
Crossing Midnight #7
Daredevil #97
Dark Xena #2
Deadman #10
Deathblow #5
Drawing From Life #1
New Excalibur #20
Fear Agent Vol. 2 TP
52 Vol. 1 TP
Freshmen Vol. 2 #4
Fun Home TP
Girls Vol. 4 TP
Green Lantern #20
Hawkgirl #64
Hellboy: Darkness Calls #2
Hoshin Engi Vol. 1 TP
JSA Classified #26
Justice Society of America #6
Kiss 4K #1
Magician Apprentice #7
New Avengers: Illuminati #3
New X-Men Vol. 4 TP
Penny Arcade Vol. 4 TP
Punisher Presents: Barracuda #4
Ride: Die Valkyrie #1
Shaolin Cowboy #7
Shiny Beasts GN
Silent War #5
Silver Surfer Requiem #1
Spawn: Godslayer #1
Spider-Man: Fairy Tales #1
Star Trek Next Generation: The Space Between #5
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #17
Stuck in the Middle
Teen Titans #47
Ultimate Fantastic Four #42
Ultimate Galactus Trilogy HC
Witchblade #106
Wolverine #54
Wrath of the Titans #1
X-23: Target X #6


Comics That are Worth the Wait

May 27, 2007

by Park Hyun Kyu

First, let’s be honest, we all hate when our favorite books get delayed(though in the rare occasion of the timing of the book to be integral to a company wide crossover or whatnot it can be seen as forgivable). This can cause some people to give up on a really great book that deserves attention, readership, and hard earned dollars. So for your convenience I’ve put together a small list of recommendations of books you should stick out the long haul for. If you haven’t heard of these books(which is entirely possible since some don’t come out but once in a blue moon),you should definitely give them a shot.

All Star Superman

Grant Morrison might be disappointing some readers with his latest entry into the Batman mythos but the man is firing on all cylinders on this book. He takes bits and pieces of the Last Son of Krypton’s mythos and makes what one might call “Ultimate Superman”. The premise, Superman is dying but he’s still got some things left to do. Can he accomplish his twelve great tasks and save the world from Lex Luthor. Usually we get an update on the situation every two months but lately that hasn’t been the case. Trust me, you want to stick around for this book. While you’re waiting for the latest chapter in the story you might want to come in and pick up/order a hardcover that collects the first six issues of one the best comics in a long time. Even if you have all the single issues reading it all at once could clue you in to some little stuff you missed before.

Issue 8 is out 6/27/07 (!Zibarro!)

Astonishing X-Men

How many comics is Joss Whedon writing now? Runaways, Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 8, a small yet enjoyable tale in Spider-Man Meets Stan Lee, and this Astonishing adventure. Alright, it took a break after it’s first twelve issues and it’s another late bi-monthly but it’s really good too. Widescreen action drawn by John Cassaday and some of the most original storylines in all of X-Men Comics. We’ve still got a couple of issues and a Giant Size Astonishin X-Men #1 to go but I’m sure if you stick with it you won’t be disappointed.

Issue 22 is out 7/4/07 (Catch up with the first hardcover and trades. The third trade is especially awesome, Cyclops is hardcore)

Ex Machina

Mr. Vaughn recently got a writing gig for this little show called Lost. You may have heard of it. He’s still writing some of the best comics around though. Mitchell Hundred, Mayor of New York and the world’s first superhero, and his staff’s first term in office is an amazing read with a political, social, and entertaining message. Whether it’s the sci-fi, superheroics, or politics that gets your jetpack exploding, you’re going to have an awesome ride on this book. Sure, the schedules been a little sketchy as of late but it’s worth the wait for Vaughn’s wondrous words and Harris’ pulse-pounding pencils(oi, I love ye alliteration).

Issue 29 is out 7/20/07


Fell is Warren Ellis’ awesome crime detective masterpiece. When it comes out, it’s a self contained epic issue with $1.99 price tag. Now, Mr. Ellis is putting this title on hiatus along with a bunch of his other books to focus on his Avatar books that are coming out at the end of the summer so I can’t make any promises about a release date, but I can tell you this, we got in the first trade which collects the first eight issues(Which my colleague makes mention of below in his entry) for $14.99. That’s a freak’n sweet deal right there.

More reading recommendations by Carroll.

May 26, 2007


Also, everyone needs to read the Dr. 13 backup story that was featured in the recently-ended Tales of Suspense book from DC. It’s a great parody/commentary on the past/current/future state of the comic biz. There was a post on the Newsarama blog recently (beware of spoilers) that made me want to read it. I really hope they get Azzarello to do more, because it was a really fun read. And, yes, there will be a graphic novel out soon.

Reviews & Recommendations by Carroll.

May 23, 2007

There wasn’t much to choose from this week – all the big guns were put out at the beginning of the month – but there were still some stellar releases. Here are five books I can personally highly recommend for your purchasing pleasure.

Captain America #26 – Two months after the death of Cap we finally get over the hype and back into the story. Cap #25 was billed as the first part of the current storyline, but #26 is actually more like the beginning with its multiple person stories all taking place concurrently. Brubaker does what he does best and continues with what will probably be the most interesting and time lasting Captain America story since he was first thawed out in the 1960s. I hope that the few dozen of you that bought #25 will stick with it and pick this one, and subsequent issues, up.

Countdown #49 – I was skeptical of DC doing another weekly book. I didn’t think it would be as interesting as 52 and I figured it was merely an attempt keep a few of those readers that stuck out the last year while the DC editorial staff made a mess of the DCU. But maybe, just maybe, they might be able to right those wrongs with Countdown (along with JLA, JSA, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman). So far Countdown has already done the one thing that 52 should have done – show readers what’s going down in all the corners of the DCU. Countdown is off to a great start and you shouldn’t miss out. It’s a great way to stay current with most of the DCU and it’s a pretty good story on its own.

Criminal #6 – Another 2 month wait between issues for a Brubaker book. What’s up with that? All is forgiven, though, because Criminal is fantastic. I’m not sure what more I can say to get people to buy this book, because it’s terribly under-appreciated and under-ordered, but I can GUARANTEE that those of you who purchase it will not be disappointed. No super powers, no fantasy, no sci-fi, just good ol’ fashioned bad-asses doing bad-ass things.

Two essential collections to pick up:

Doctor Strange: The Oath TP
– Think Doctor Strange is silly? A little weird? A relic from the drug addled, free lovin’ 60s? Wait till you see what Brian K. Vaughn does with him. A hint: the Doc shoots a monster with Hitler’s magic pistol. Good times.

Fell vol. 1: Feral City TP – Like Criminal, Fell tackles crime fiction, but from the point of view of the detective. Probably the best Warren Ellis stuff since Planetary. Oh, and Ben Templesmith’s art ain’t bad either.

New Comics Shipping Wednesday, May 23.

May 20, 2007

American Virgin #15
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad vol. 8 GN
Berserk vol. 17 GN
Birds of Prey #106
Black Panther: Civil War TP
Captain America #26
Countdown #49
Criminal #6
Devi #11
Doctor Strange: The Oath TP
Dynamo 5 #3
Elephantmen #9
Fall of Cthulhu #3
Fantastic Four #546
Fell vol. 1: Feral City TP
Fell vol. 1: Feral City Limited Ed. HC
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man Annual #1
Futurama Comics #31
General Jack Cosmos Presents #1
GI Joe Special Missions: Brazil 1-shot
Godland #18
Gold Digger #85
Gold Digger Peebo Tales Summer Fun Special #1
Gold Digger Swimsuit Special 2007
Gutsville #1
Hellblazer #232
Hellstorm Son of Satan: Equinox TP
Heroes For Hire #10
Iron Man: Hypervelocity #5
Irredeemable Ant-Man #8
Loaded Bible 2: Blood of Christ
Madman Atomic Comics #2
Marvel 1602: Fantastick Four TP
Marvel Adventures Iron Man #1
Marvel Spotlight: Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer
Megatokyo vol. 5 GN
Neon Genesis: Angelic Days vol. 5 GN
Newuniversal #6
Ninja Scroll #9
Other Side TP
Outer Orbit #4
PVP #33
Rabbis Cat SC
Red Prophet: Tales of Alvin Maker #7
Robin #162
Sakura Taisen vol. 5 GN
Savage Dragon Archives vol. 2 TP
Shadowpact #13
She-Hulk 2 #18
Snakewoman Special Collector’s Ed. #0
Spider-man Loves Mary Jane vol. 3 Digest TP
Spirit #6
Star Trek Klingons Blood Will Tell #2
Star Wars Legacy #12
Street Fighter Alpha vol. 1 GN
Supergirl & the Legion of Super Heroes #30
Superman & Batman #35
Testament #18
Transformers: Escalation TP
Unique #3
Walk-in #6
Warhammer 40K: Damnation Crusade #4
Wetworks #9
Wisdom #6
Wonder Woman #9
X-Men #199


May 19, 2007

Another Informative Writing by Paul Shelton

Guys like Girls. Girls like Girls. These are facts. So I must ask all you loyal comic fans and Von’s Comics customers, why on earth do we still have these trades in stock. They should be selling like hotcakes and we should never have a week where we have them in because someone should always be picking them up on Wednesday when all of our wonderful new comic, graphic novels, and reorders come in.
For the uninformed, Girls is the Luna Brothers’ second comic venture, the first being the acclaimed series Ultra. The comic features a small rural town overrun with gendercidal naked women, a giant sperm monster and the horrible nature of the human condition.
Now to those weary of mini and/or maxi series(Most of the issues we have in our comprehensive back issue collection) that are nothing but movie pitches, let me just say your point is quite valid in this instance. In fact, you might even be 100% correct but this feminist action/horror/survival story is still worth the buy right now, even if the movie gets made in a couple of years.
Now for those who are intrigued, I think I’ve done my job. If you want to know more, say who this book is best suited for. Let me say this, fans fo Brian K. Vaughn’s Y: The Last Man(especially the characters of Alter and Victoria) will be dying, getting horribly disfigured or losing organs(at the very least) to meet the towns resident nagging wife and psychopath, Nancy.
So, in closing, Come into Von’s Comics where you can pick up some Girls.

Graphic Novel Spotlight

May 17, 2007

Here’s a few graphic novels that have come in recently that you may want to check out:

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 – It seems that everyone is taken by this little tale of mice and swords. We obviously underestimated the demand for this book, because we were sold out by the early afternoon. The art is fantastic in this book and (I’ve heard) that the story is great. I’m looking forward to getting my own copy soon, as well as the new series, Mouse Guard: Winter 1152, that starts in July.

Eternals – Neil Gaiman pens an update to Jack Kirby’s iconic cosmic series. This collection will look great next to your 1602 and Sandman books.

The Plain Janes – DC launches its Minx line with a new graphic novel written by acclaimed young adult writer Cecil Castelluci. While DC is aiming this new comics line at young female readers, this book looks interesting for all readers.

Ultimate X-Men vol. 16: Cable – Robert Kirkman finally hit his stride with this storyline. I don’t even really like the X-Men, but I thoroughly enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) this book. Perfect jumping on point for new readers or those readers that gave up on Ultimate X-Men a while back.

Runaways vol. 3 HC – Don’t like those little digest books that Marvel has been putting out lately but still want to read Runaways? Well, then this book is for you. A decently priced over-sized hardcover that collects issues #13 – 24. You NEED to be reading this book.

– Carroll