Avengers & X-Men: AXIS: Rick Remender’s first Marvel book I don’t hate.


When Marvel first announced AXIS at C2E2 this spring and I saw the “Avengers & X-Men” branding that went along with it, I was thrilled. Finally, we’d have some rebuilding of the alliances that had been fractured during Avengers vs. X-Men! Maybe we’d even get some characters expressing a bit of forgiveness or understanding to Scott Summers, a character who has been receiving an unjust amount of hatred since the fallout of 2012’s heroes-fighting-other-heroes event. All of my excitement and hopes where immediately thrown to the curb the second it was announced that Rick Remender would be in charge of AXIS. I don’t think that Rick Remender is an atrocious writer, I’ve actually enjoyed what I’ve read of his Image books quite a bit. The problem is that I couldn’t stand his approach to mutant politics in Uncanny Avengers, and dealing with the fragile relationship between Avengers and the mutant minority was, unfortunately, providing AXIS its setup.

I am happy to say, however, that I absolutely love what I’ve read of this event thus far. The first issue immediately throws you into the action with the whole Avengers gang flying to battle and exchanging some fun banter that’s a welcome change of pace from the dourness that plagued Uncanny Avengers’ early issues. It isn’t long before the majority of the Marvel Universe has converged on Genosha, fighting the newly formed Red Onslaught. The issue moves by at a brisk pace keeping the action coming and the banter fun. Adam Kubert’s art is crisp and handles the huge cast well, keeping everyone involved in the fray and given those who aren’t something to do.

As an added bonus, it’s starting to look like this thing is going to provide a lot of background information for what Hickman’s doing over in the main Avengers title  which takes place six months after AXIS. For once, we might have a mainstream comic event with legitimate ramifications that will have a widespread and long-term effect on all the other books in the Marvel Universe. There’s something to be said about that.

So Rick Remender, congratulations. You’ve managed to take my opinion of your ability to write a good Marvel comic and turn it on its…axis!

…I’m sorry, that was terrible. I’ll let myself out…


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