The Von’s Comics Top Ten for 2011!!!

Our comics and comics-oriented staff got together this week to discuss what our favorite series and creators for the year.  After our personal lists were submitted we compiled our collective lists.  First up, our favorite series of the year!

Top Ten Comics of 2011:

1. Journey Into Mystery
2. Punisher
3. (TIE) Daredevil/Aquaman
5. Justice League
6. Uncanny X-Men
7. Wolverine & The X-Men
8. FF
9. Batman
10. Incredible Hulk

Journey into Mystery for the win!  That ranking is a testament to how much Keiron Gillen has stepped up his game in the last year and how single-minded Mauricio can be.  We then turned our attention to our favorite writers and artists.

Top Ten Creators of 2011:

1. Geoff Johns
2. Scott Snyder
3. Jeff Lemire
4. (TIE) Kieron Gillen/Jason Aaron
6. Mark Waid
7. Jonathan Hickman
8. Greg Rucka
9. Travel Foreman
10. Greg Capullo

It seems that the DC relaunch really paid off for Geoff Johns, as he takes top creator spot after penning several quality titles a month.

How do you feel about our rankings?  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Let us know!


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