Glorious Graphic Novels: JLA Deluxe Edition Volume 4 Hardcover

If you just got into comics recently, you probably know Grant Morrison as the current lead Batman writer or that crazy Scottish guy who wrote that Final Crisis* book you didn’t understand where they killed Batman (What’s “metafiction”, mommy?). Before these seminal works, Grant Morrison wrote the Justice League of America, or more correctly “JLA**”

The first three volumes of this  collection have been fairly straightforward collections of Morrison’s run on the book. The only deviations being a lack of the JLA One Million event (but hey, you could argue that’s more important to All Star Superman than JLA ). This fourth tome has probably the most diverse contents of the collection. It features Morrison’s last story line on the book, World War Three***.

World War Three is and intense action epic about the league and humanity pulling together in their darkest hour. It’s really epic stuff. Morrison’s writing is top notch as always and Howard Porter gives us some really splendid visuals.

The other things collected within $34.99 hardcover are JLA: Earth 2 and JLA: Classified #1-#3.

JLA: Earth 2 is a great story about the current DC’s continuity’s first encounter with their anti-matter dopplegangers, the Crime Syndicate. Frank Quitely draws the story marvelously and the actual narrative can be enjoyed with little to no previous knowledge of  Morrison’s JLA work (not surprising since the story was released first as an original graphic novel).

JLA: Classified #1-#3 is a bit more complicated. Morrison returns to write the JLA and another story about the Ultramarine Corps who were last seen during his JLA run but also acts as a precursor/lead-in to Seven Soldiers****. The art by Ed McGuinness might be some his best composition ever. I sometimes find his drawing hard to swallow even though I enjoy his very animation influenced style. Here, he’s on point, and it’s awesome.

Overall a great collection and at only $34.99 a great deal too(You might think $34.99 isn’t so great but have you seen those Starman Omnibuses!?)

*This book is Final Crisis. You might not get it your first time through, but I assure you, it is awesome. I will give you tips to help you enjoy it.
**This kind of acts as a lead in to Final Crisis and it probably wouldn’t hurt to read it.
***This foreshadows some of the things that happen in Final Crisis and you should probably read it.
****This acts as a prequel to Final Crisis. Read it and forget “Countdown” happened.


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