Things that could have been better…

Generation Hope #1:
I know we’ve all been looking forward to see what the five lights of the new mutant wave were going to be all about but after this first issue my excitement has definitely declined. When I had heard we were getting a new mutant from Tokyo, I was thinking, “Cool, finally we’ll have an Asian X-Man that’s not a gimmick like say a Chinese girl with Firework powers or a Japanese guy with fire powers covered in the image of the rising sun or even the villainous mutant Silver Samurai.” Alas, we got, “Tetsuoooooooooooooooooooooo!” Where’s my white American girl named Molly P. Itcher with hydration powers? Nowhere? Why? Because it’s stupid, cheesy, and bordering on the culturally insensitive? EXACTLY.

This is not to say the issue is all bad. Kieron Gillen handles the interaction between the first four lights, Hope, and Rogue masterfully. We get some insight into these new characters through the eyes of Idie and also the reaction where the lights seem to almost be fanatically devoted to Hope after she saved them from the worst days in their lives.

Crossed: Family Values #5: I loved the first Crossed series and I loved the way this first series started out. That said, this series has devolved into little more than shock after shock. A friend of mine, Tia Rodemeyer, described the first series as a survivor’s tale. A sentiment I would agree with and only add that it was also a look at the human condition under great duress. This series started the same way with humanity under great duress and even more poignantly the compromises we as humans will make to survive.

However, since the end of issue three it’s kind of just been shock moment after shock moment with very little of an examination of the human condition. This is not to say that this facet of the story is non-existent. We saw some touching reunions in issue four and this week we saw new life being born into an ugly and terrible world. Unfortunately, this is outweighed by gore without any real reason and a characterization of the Crossed that makes them less monster crazy and far too human.  Horror without the heart just doesn’t interest me.


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