The Best Books for Nov. 3rd: Invincible #75

The very long wait for Invincible #75 is finally over.

Was it worth it? Yes, yes it was.

Robert Kirkman’s writing is as effective and epic as always. Meanwhile, Ryan Ottley’s pencils and inks, Cliff Rathburn’s inks, and FCO Plascencia’s colors really make the book a sight to behold.

This is a double sized issue(or triple sized, if you count the Science Dog and Tech-Jacket back-ups) that packs a $5.99 price tag. So it might be hard for a casual reader to swallow but for long time Invincible fans, this issue is worth every penny.

Since nearly the beginning of the series, loyal readers have known that the day would come that Invincible would have to fight the Viltrum Empire. In earlier issues, we’ve seen them preparing for the war by gathering allies and resources and in the previous issue battle between the Coalition of Planets main forces and Viltrum’s non-Viltrumite main forces ended with a narrow victory for Invincible and friends. Issue #75 is arguably the most important battle of the war. It’s the true Viltrumites versus the only members of the coalition’s forces that can go toe-to=toe with them.

The immensity of this battle is conveyed very well by the opening pages and the pacing moves the story quickly to the fight we’ve all been waiting for. The issues that featured Nolan and Allen searching for ways to fight the Viltrumites pay off in a big way here. Also, some smaller revelations give some insight into the strength of the lesser Viltrumites like Invincible’s defeat of Conquest visibly unnerving some of their adversaries.

The action set piece of the issue is given not one, not two, not three, but four whole splash pages with no dialogue. Now, that’s eight pages of a $5.99 comic book with no dialogue. Are these splash pages worth that? Again, I would say the answer is yes because they convey the size and effect of this event. This is something epic happening and you feel it and know it because of these really wonderfully illustrated pages.

The denouement of  this issue sets the stage for the final confrontation between only the biggest of the big hitters in the Invincible universe and I for one cannot wait for the finale of the Viltrumite War.


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