Staff recomendation: The Losers… black ops people doing black ops stuff.

When I first heard of The Losers the description that came along with it was something along the lines of it being “like a really smart Jerry Bruckheimer movie.”  Now, I myself am not much of a Jerry Bruckheimer fan, I believe that he has made a career out of talking down to his audience, of selling their intellects short.  Given that his films make unimaginable amounts of money, I suppose mine might be the minority opinion.  Regardless of this, there might be something to that description.  The Losers is action oriented and hyper-kinetic.  Where I take issue with the comparison is in the fact that Andy Diggle does not throttle back on controversy or on the intelligence of his scripts.  I don’t think it would surprise anyone that the art by Jock is a fantastic complement to Diggle’s writing.

The basic premise of a black ops squad attempting to get their life back after being betrayed by their CIA handler is reminiscent of other works, but Diggle is more concerned with delivering a solid, engrossing story than with setting the comics world on fire.  The result is full of surprises, action, and betrayal.  And explosions.  It takes all the best elements of action films and puts them in comic book form.

Now how do I feel about this upcoming adaptation?  Is the idea of going from a comic with an action movie aesthetic to an actual action movie brilliant or lazy?  Myself, I think it might make for a rather entertaining trip to the multiplex.  I have been a huge fan of Idris Elba’s ever since the first season of The Wire premiered on HBO,  Jeffrey Dean Morgan was one of my favorite parts of the lackluster Watchmen adaptation, and Zoe Saldana has been showing some serious chops (and will show even more when directors start offering her parts that don’t require her to be half naked).  Some things do worry me, however, including the way Chris Evans delivers some of his lines in the trailer.

Just something about how he plays up the fool in that sniper scene, I guess.  Still, even if they manage to completely mangle the adaptation, we still have the original work to go back to.  Vertigo even put together a new trade collecting the first two volumes of the series into one very nicely priced package.  Highly recommended, folks.

The Losers Volumes One and Two

The Losers Trifecta

The Losers Close Quarters

The Losers Endgame


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