Von’s Blog: Don’t Call It A Comeback


We at Von’s Comics want to hear from you, our customers on our shared passion: comics.  To that end we will once again be adding opinion pieces to our blog now and again.  We will be sharing our thoughts with you and hope to hear back from you about how you may agree with us or think we are completely off base.  Should be fun.


So… registration…

Regardless of what stance you as a reader took on the registration issue during Marvel’s last big event you now have to wonder about the statements made after Civil War #7 in light of Secret Invasion and Dark Reign.  In the aftermath of Mark Millar’s last issue of Civil War we had multiple interviews in which Marvel editorial assured the readers about how the SHRA was the right idea and how the pro-registration side was always meant to be right, despite their tactics.  Since then, however, Marvel’s event driven strategy has shown precisely all the possible weaknesses of centralized control of superhumans in the Marvel universe.  Secret Invasion had the SHIELD and Initiative power structure infiltrated, hampering the initial response to the invasion.  You could make the argument the invasion was repelled in spite of centralized control rather than because of it.  Now control of the country’s superhumans is being handed to Norman Osborne and Tony Stark is set to rebel against this and refuse to hand him the list of hero identities, making him a wanted man.  There is much story potential in the setup for Dark Reign, but how does the ongoing darkening of the Marvel universe measure up against the statements of Joe Quesada and Marvel editorial concerning registration?  Has Marvel effectively backtracked from these statements through their follow-up storylines?  Let us know what you think.


One Response to Von’s Blog: Don’t Call It A Comeback

  1. Nate says:

    I think Millar made a point in Civil War about how sometimes our initial, brash reactions to tragedy are not always the best. Civil War was epic and really took a stance and made a point instead of just being pure entertainment. Following “events” have been epic in scale and effect on the Marvel universe, but have seemed lesser because they lack any sort of message. I feel Bendis’ Secret Invasion, though a fun read, took away a little from Civil War by making it just a big set up for his story.

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