So long and thanks for all the comics.

Carroll here.  I just wanted to put up a little post saying thank you to all of the long-time Von’s Comics customers (and any new ones that might come along).  Thanks for making my job fun and easy.  Thanks for making me look forward to coming to work everyday.  And thanks for supporting one of the best independent shops in the state.

Today is my last day here and I hope you guys continue to support Von’s, as well as other independent shops.  I’ve had the pleasure of working here for six years and I’ve made a lot a friends out of our loyal customers.  To me, it was always less about making money, and more about creating lasting relationships based on a mutual respect for comics (and music and books).

So, take it easy and keep on reading comics.  I’ll see you around.



One Response to So long and thanks for all the comics.

  1. John Kennedy says:

    Finally, the tyranny of Carroll’s reign is over!


    Hail, Emperor Paul! May his reign last until he is brutally murdered and replaced by say, an old employee who is ten times cooler. 😛

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