Secret Invasion and Thought Balloons

Hey everybody, the Secret Invasion Prologue story is up for FREE at Go check it out now! From what I can tell this story won’t be included with issue #1 on Wednesday.


Secondly, the whole thought balloon thing is getting way out of control, I think. Everyone is ranting about how it takes the quality of Mighty Avengers down a notch or two and I can see their point but here’s what I think.

I think Brian Michael Bendis is using these thought balloons as a device to give readers something to go back and re-read once Secret Invasion hits. Let’s face it the Mighty Avengers team probably has more than one skrull on it. It is likely that once the reveals happen we’ll be able to go back and read those in a completely different way. We’ll be able to see what the skrulls were thinking or take them as hints that the characters were skrulls.

Ex: Ares’ thought of “I shall have you fair creature” is that a love crazed greek god or is that a skrull lusting after his human prey?



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