Things We Want…

We here at Von’s have very specific and somewhat eccentric tastes. If we ran the world we would already have these things but instead we are left wanting…

A Garth Ennis Punisher Omnibus-Starting with his Marvel Knights stuff and ending with his final arc of MAX stuff. Two or three volumes if need be.

A New Printing of the Planetary Vol. 1 Absolute Edition –Ellis and Cassaday at their finest in giant, oversized trappings.

A Direct Market Ultimate Spider-Man Collection – and a second volume of it.

All of the Amazing Adventures of the Escapist in TPB – or maybe an omnibus of all of them together to go next to Kavalier and Clay on the bookshelf.

More Battle Pope Cartoons – These things are hilarious. They’re on Spike TV’s website.

Affordable versions of the first trades of Justice League of America, Justice Society of America, and The Lightning Saga– I mean, COME ON DC!

John Byrne and Chris Claremont to knock it off – Seriously!

Arthur Adams to do interiors on a book for a good long run – I’m dying for it.

A Miracle Man TPB – Hurry up and make a deal jerks!

The Watchmen Movie NOT to suck

Cheap Chinese Food

Radio Stations to play good music

For it to rain chocolate covered pretzels at midnight every Saturday.


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