Marvel Premiere Hardcover Blowout!


Attention loyal Von’s Comics customers and blog readers! Every so often the publishers clear out their warehouses and sell their stuff at a very deep discount. Well, this is one of those occasions, being the new year and all. Marvel recently put a ton of their Premiere Hardcovers on sale and we’re passing the savings on to you! That’s right, starting this Wednesday and going until they’re all gone, a selection of Marvel Premiere Hardcovers will be on super-duper-sale! Some titles on sale as low as $2, and nothing over $10! And just so you don’t think it’s a bunch of crap, like Nighthawk or something, here are some examples of what’s going to be available. But remember, when we’re out, we’re out and they won’t ever be back (at least at that price). So mark it on your calendar or write it on your hand so you don’t forget!

Some of the titles available:
Fantastic Four: The Books of Doom
Moon Knight vol. 1
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. vol. 1
X-Men: Deadly Genesis
and much, much more!


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