New Comics Shipping Wednesday, January 30.

January 26, 2008


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Marvel Premiere Hardcover Blowout!

January 22, 2008


Attention loyal Von’s Comics customers and blog readers! Every so often the publishers clear out their warehouses and sell their stuff at a very deep discount. Well, this is one of those occasions, being the new year and all. Marvel recently put a ton of their Premiere Hardcovers on sale and we’re passing the savings on to you! That’s right, starting this Wednesday and going until they’re all gone, a selection of Marvel Premiere Hardcovers will be on super-duper-sale! Some titles on sale as low as $2, and nothing over $10! And just so you don’t think it’s a bunch of crap, like Nighthawk or something, here are some examples of what’s going to be available. But remember, when we’re out, we’re out and they won’t ever be back (at least at that price). So mark it on your calendar or write it on your hand so you don’t forget!

Some of the titles available:
Fantastic Four: The Books of Doom
Moon Knight vol. 1
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. vol. 1
X-Men: Deadly Genesis
and much, much more!

Time to get USED!

January 22, 2008

Von’s Comics has a small used graphic novel selection which will excite and delight with some of our hidden treasures.

Avengers Dissassembled
This trade is a great place to start to see some of the early groundwork that was laid for Secret Invasion. Pick it up for $10.

Brian Azzarello and Richard Corben’s startling look at Bruce Banner and the Hulk is priced at $6.

Nightwing: Love and Bullets
Chuck Dixon is probably one of the better writer’s Nightwing has gotten over the years. Check out this trade featuring Nite-Wing and the Huntress. Priced at $9.

Red Razors
Mark Millar and Steve Yeowell, the guy who drew the Invisibles; what’s not to love at $6.

Superman the Greatest Stories Ever Told
Superman comics are probably one of my guilty pleasures. This trade features the “What’s so funny about truth just and the American Way?” issue by Mark Waid. Check it out for $10.

Awesome stuff in our store that you buy or I KICK YOUR FACE!!!

January 21, 2008


Black Hole
We have this awesome black and white horror masterpiece by Charles Burns in stock just waiting for all of you indy gurus to come pick up!

52 Vol. 1-4
DC did a lot of things right with their first weekly comic and that is a real accomplishment considering about an 1/8 of the way through they decided to throw out all of their pre-planning. Now you can pick it all up in four conveniently packaged and priced trades!

Inhumans (Marvel Knights)
Jae Lee’s art never ceases to creep me out(even when he draws the teens of Ultimate Fantastic Four vol. 4 tpb). He really shines in this mini series written by Paul Jenkins and collected nicely in a trade paperback we have in stock that I believe is out of print.

Essex County vol. 1 + 2
We’ve sold multiple copies of this indy awesomeness. Hopefully, you’ll be the next one to purchase some or…well, read the title of this post.

The Walking Dead
Now we already sell a lot of this book in trade and issues but we just got the awesome Hardcovers back in stock these things are a great way for new readers to get into and catch up on this spectacular book!

Nextwave vol. 1 + 2
Ah, the book which inspired the title for this post. If you don’t partake of the awesomeness which is Nextwave the terrorists win. Vol. 1 features a dragon with pants, Robots exiting odd orifices of said dragon, giant robot thingies, and broccoli assassin men. While Vol. 2 features Captain America taking a super soldier bathroom break, Modoks, Forbush Man, and 8 shades of crazy that are indescribable to the human mind. All of this awesometivity is drawn by Ultimate Spider-Man artist Stuart Immonen too!

We all really need to buy the trades for this to show Marvel we want more of it. So come in and buy it. If we’re out, put a special order in for it. If for some reason you don’t have hands(or your arms are tiny and T. Rex-like) to fill out our special order card, our cashiers will be happy to fill it out for you (and order sixty copies for your cousins, twice removed if need be).

You have been bashed in the side of the head with promotional writings for NEXTWAVE!

Sell Outs!

January 19, 2008


We’ve been selling out of a lot of stuff lately, but a few things are trickling back in. Here’s a list of reorders that will be here Wednesday, January 23. Don’t miss out a second time on these great titles!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 #s 1-9
Fell #9
Marvel Illustrated: The Iliad #s 1-2
New Warriors #8
Spawn #174
Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite #4

(pic from Jesus Hates Zombies)

New Comics Shipping Wednesday, January 23.

January 19, 2008


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New Comics Shipping Wednesday, January 16.

January 12, 2008


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