Under the Radar Suggestions

New comics came out and some of you might be wondering what’s good that you’re not already reading. Here are a few suggestions.

The Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul started in Robin this week with Peter Milligan writing and Freddie E. Williams III penciling what’s not to love.

Superman by Kurt Busiek came out and I have loved the third Kryptonian arc a lot. I love whenever Superman is treated as a creature of science fiction and this arc has opened up possibilities with everything from Kryptonian Space Pirates to epic interstellar space battles.

If you’re not reading Howard the Duck, I can only ask one thing, “What is wrong with you? Do you not like dancing and fun?”

Lat issue of Mystic Arcana came out and it features a story about Sister Grimm of Runaways. This series has been a neat dip into the magical side of Marvel’s universe and could be the start of a relaunch of Annihilation proportions.


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