The Luna Brothers are BACK!!!

The Luna brothers new book, The Sword, hit this week and it is awesome!

For those of you who don’t know, the Luna brothers are two brothers (duh) who make comics. One writes and one draws. They broke out onto the scene with their superhero celebrity book, Ultra, which garnered tons of praise. Their sophomore effort was the critically acclaimed Girls that prompted Joss Whedon (Insert X-Men and Buffy plugs here), to claim that he could not get enough of the Lunas’ work. Girls followed a small town trapped by crazed and murderous girls and…um…well…actually, just read it – I can’t spoil it here. The artist brother also illustrated Marvel’s Spider-Woman: Origin by Brian Michael Bendis.

All of these awesome books are available here at Von’s Comics. Ultra is in trade, Girls is split up into four separate trades, we have the Spider-Woman: Origins Premiere Hardcover, and The Sword is just coming out in issues for now.

Why should you pick up The Sword? Well, first you need to know a little about the writer, Joshua Luna, brother’s style. See he writes some of the best cliffhangers ever. You know that feeling you get when you watch an episode of Lost or Heroes? You get that same mystery, cliffhanger, WTF? moment from Luna brothers comics. This, along with an interesting look at feminism is what made Girls a must read. This story features a family, strangers, death, cripples, death, art students, and did I happen to mention death – that’s in there somewhere, too. All of this illustrated by Johnathan Luna in his simple yet expressive style which commands a near mastery of the use of space upon the four color panel and page.

To make sure you get your copy of the Luna brothers’ latest masterpiece, come on in and put it on your subscription list.

Don’t have a subscription? That’s OK, you can fill out a special order card for one book. You don’t get the 15% off like you do when you sign up for a three comic subscription, which could easily be filled by The Sword, Image’s Invincible, and Brit or the Astounding Wolf-Man, but if you really want to pick up this book you should let us know in some way so we can guarantee you a copy.


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