News, Updates, and Poppycock(by that I mean savings, so pay attention)

Alright, here’s some news for Mark Millar fans. His and Bryan Hitch’s run on Fantastic Four starts in December. So if you want it you might want to come in and add it to your list so we order enough and you don’t get stuck with a 2nd Printing. You don’t have a list you say? Well now’s a great time to start.


Naruto fans, listen up! You know how the graphic novels are coming out 3 per month now? IF you come in and add them to or make a subscription consisting of just Naruto. You’ll qualify for our Von’s Comics subscriber discount! Here’s the deal: three volumes of Naruto (the next batch is comprised of volumes 22, 23, 24) just as early (if not earlier, in some cases) as the bookstores like Borders and Barnes & Noble for %15 off the regular price! How can you pass up a deal like that!?



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