Marvel Zombies Action Figures!

Calling all Marvel Zombies fan(atic)s!!

Right now we have the awesome new Marvel Zombies Spider-man action figure in stock, and Wednesday, September 26 we will be getting in the super-cool Marvel Zombies Colonel America action figure (with removable skullcap action)!

These figures are highly detailed and each comes with a unique base, made up of different dead Silver Surfer body parts. Collect them all (more figures to come in the near future) and it makes one huge zombie diorama! Sweet!

If you’re interested in getting these figures you better hurry in because once they’re gone, we probably won’t be able to order any more. They are $19.99 each and subscriber discount does apply!

Still available! The disgustingly cute Marvel Zombies Mini Mates! Get itty bitty versions of zombie Colonel America, Spider-man, Wolverine, Hulk, and Luke Cage for only $19.99 (As always, subscriber discount applies)!

Coming soon… World of Warcraft action figures!


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