Indie Comics

by Paul Shelton


While at Wizard World Chicago I decided to pick up anything that looked interesting in the way of independent comics. My conditions were pretty stringent:

It had to be 5 dollars or under.
The art couldn’t be derivative of any of the “Big Guys”
A pretty girl at the booth didn’t hurt things

Anyway here we go

Aimless Boy Seasons 1-3 by John Ashton Golden $3.00
I spent the least on this little gem and yet I think it was one of the best uses of my money at the entire convention. It’s a collection of comic strips from about a college student and his varied cast of characters. The best strip in the collection has to be Aimless confronting a myriad of comic strip characters with their faults. A close second is a Christmas story involving a kidnapping of an elf.

Queen of Sin by Scott Guffey, Master Legion, and Roc Bottom $4.00
This little book offers the two tales of crazy feminine empowerment. One such tale involves Adam, the first man, and sheep. That made it worth the price for laughs alone. Not to mention, this issue has a picture of the smoking hot Miss Trixxx.

Ed & Red’s Comic Strip by various 2 issues for $5.00
For those of you who haven’t seen Ed & Red’s Night Party on G4 or on, let me tell you this, you’re missing out. It has some of the most hilarious back and forth of any talk show. Best of all, unlike some shows like this the role of straightman switches back and forth between the hot redhead and the gray and green foot garment.

This comic is their attempt to express some comic love. Most of the tales seem like they’re trying to adapt the characters to other genres like pulp action or sci-fi. This might be why the stories written by Liana K, said smoking hot redhead, seem to appeal to me most because they actually sound like the show. The best art belongs to someone I’m about to talk a little more about, Sean Ward.


The Sean Ward Electric Comics Freak-Out by Sean Ward 2 issues for $5.00
One of the illustrators of Ed & Red’s Comic strip has his own book. He writes and does the art. The main story revolves around a band called The Changing Color and an insane cast of characters. It also includes two back-ups in each issue one of which usually involves Sean Ward himself. I think in the next year or two this guy is going to break out. Somebody needs to give this guy a small graphic novel project or something, seriously. His styles, art and story, remind me a lot of Bryan Lee O’Malley and his Scott Pilgrim series.

Check out our myspace group for this article with more pics!


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