Books by comic book writers.

By Carroll B.

Over the past couple of decades we’ve seen comics grow leaps and bounds in terms of credibility and literate value. So it’s no surprise when we see established authors like Greg Rucka, Brad Meltzer, Charlie Huston, and Jodie Picoult take stabs at our beloved medium. But what’s even better – at least in my opinion – is writers that got their start in comics take a crack at the Great American – or British – Novel. While Neil Gaiman did not necessarily start out in comics, he arguably gained his notoriety while writing Sandman, later becoming the New York Times bestselling author that we all know and love. Alan Moore has at least one novel to his name, with a second one coming soon. Even Mike Carey – love him or hate him – has a book being published.

Two comic writers that have books coming really soon – as in the next month or so – are Warren Ellis and Mike Mignola. Ellis’ book, Crooked Little Vein, is a hilarious, cringe-inducing, detective novel that traverses the political and sexual underbelly of the United States. I’ve read it and it is fantastic. It’s fast paced and full of imagery that makes one really hope that Ellis is making this crap up.

I haven’t read Mike Mignola’s book, Baltimore, Or, The Steadfast Tin Soldier And The Vampire (co-written by Christopher Golden), but I’ve looked through it and skimmed a few pages and it looks very interesting. Sprinkled with original Mignola art and bound in a size reminiscent of old pulp magazines, this book is high on my To Read List. If you’re a fan of Hellboy or B.P.R.D. you might want to check this out.

Both of these books will be available at Von’s upon release, so in between the new Harry Potter and the latest issue of New Avengers, find time for these two.

UPDATE 7/20/07: Crooked Little Vein is out and available!


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