New Comics for Wednesday, June 27 (with commentary).

Von’s Comics in no way endorses the following rant. It is a matter of opinion – however dumb it may be.

An EDITORIAL(that means opinions abound, kids) by the man with a fake leg, a tapeworm, and hairy pinna.

Amazons Attack #3

The Ultimate Feminist Feature with decapitations of innocent men and boys

Annihilation Book 3 HC

Marvel makes their cosmic charact cool and kick @$$!

Ant Man Vol1 Digest TP

BUY THIS BOOK! Otherwise, they’re going to cancel it!

Art of Bone HC

Bone. Hard (Heh)….Cover.

Battlestar Galactica #11

This is ending….just like the TV series. OH NOS!

Black Panther #28

Marvel Zombies eat some skrulls and skrulls are some good eatin’

Blue Beetle #16

This guy fills DC’s quota for a Latino superhero

The Boys#8

I can’t say anything funnier or crazier than what’s actually in this book so just buy it and laugh your @$$ off

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol. 1 TP

Check out the first half of all of Dark Horse’s previous Buffy stuff with an adaption of Joss Whedon’s original (not screwed-up by Fran Kazui) movie script!

Cable/Deadpool #42

We sell more of this book out of back issues than anything so just buy it before we put it in our box and it disappears!

Conan Hall of the Dead & Other Stories Vol 4 TP

More awesome and less Guv’nor

Countdown #44

Who’s this guy that looks like Marvel’s Ronin on the cover?

Criminal #7

Everybody wants you to pick this book up, some have guns, just so you know

Crossing Midnight #8

Look at Mike Carey write well…

Crossing Midnight Vol 1 TP

….so well his stuff actually gets put into trade

Daredevil #98

Getting involved with Matt Murdock romantically is like signing your death certificate. Seriously!

Deadman #11


Dwight T Albatross The Goon Noir TP

Buy this just to see Ryan Sook draw the Goon

Fallen Angel #17

I like Peter David on a lot of books. This may or may not be one of them

Fantastic Four #547

Watch Reed Richards examine a smelly information turd.

Fathom Killians Vessel Odagawa CVR #1

Sweet yet satisfying cheesecake

Forgotten Realms Streams Silver Seeley CVR A #3

Break out your twenty sided-dice, #####es!

Frank Frazettas Death Dealer #3

Not much more you need in life besides an axe, red eyes, and a horse

Garth Ennis Streets of Glory Preview

I wonder if this will be violent, disgusting, and chock full of political commentary? We can only dream I suppose

Green Lantern Sinestro Corps Special #1

Good thing the green lanterns never went up against Asian people when Parallax was in the battery. We would have kicked their @$$es so bad.

Grimm Fairy Tales #15

Did anyone else see that movie? It sucked.

Grimm Fairy Tales Return to Wonderland #1

I mean it was really, really bad. Dear Gawd! Matt Damon, I hope you fired your agent for that one.

Hack/Slash Series Seeley CVR A #2

Let’s just see how on schedule this book stays

Hellboy Darkness Calls #3

Burn ####### Witches, BURN!!!

Immortal Iron Fist #6

A white guy who knows martial arts becomes better than the asian guys who trained him and beats the crap out of all the other asians who know martial arts. Where have I heard this story premise before. CURSE YOU VAN DAMME!

Incredible Hulk Planet Hulk Prelude TP

See how that dirty, stinking, no good illuminati used and LMD of Nick Fury to trick the Hulk into going into outer space.

Invincible #43

Best superhero book. EVER!

Jack of Fables #12

This book seems to have a lot of problems like issues out of order and incorrect covers. Get on the ball Vertigo!

JSA Classified #27

Something happens and no one cares because its not going to be considered part of continuity for more than a year, and that’s if you’re lucky.

KISS 4K #2

Watch the Gene Simmons use his tongue to defeat evil

Legion of Monsters: Satana

Oh, Greg Land, where do you get the inspiration for your artwork?

Lone Ranger Vol. 1 TP

Squanto wants you….to not wrong his people anymore.

Macedonia GN

Harvey Pekar writes the awesomeness!

Magician Apprentice #8

Magician’s apprentices like to sleep around, just read 7 Brothers.

Marvel Illustrated Last of the Mohicans #2

The secret is it’s the fat old one

Nightly News #6

The News Rocks!

Nightmare on Elm Street #8

Freddy’s greatest foe? RED BULL!

Ninja Scroll #10

Oh snap! Ninjas!

Red Sonja #23

Watch a redhead in a chainmail bra cut things before meeting Spider-Man. No joke.

She-Hulk #19

The Leader needs representation!

Sheena #1

There’s Sheena, Shanna, and Janna. It’s kind of like the jewel thiefs in Jay & Silent Bob Strike back.

Showcase Presents Batman Vol. 2

He will shoot you in the face, say chum, beat you to a pulp or all of the above. All in black leather too.

Silent War #6

Semper Fi Inhumans, Semper Fi!

Silver Surfer Requiem #2

The Silver Surfer is cool in this book

Snakewoman Vol. 2 Tale of the Snake Charmer #1

Virgin makes another wacky and zany snakewoman mini

Spawn Godslayer #2

Spawn cuts stuff like fine cocaine

Spider-Man Fairy Tales #2

Just take a look at the first three words and try and see what Marvel is trying to tell you

Starship Troopers Ongoing #2

I’ll believe it when it sells

Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes #31

Mark Waid exits to go write a good Flash book. Allejujah

Superman/Batman #37


Tales of the TMNT Vol. 3 TP

They’re tails ok! Not the other thing. TAILS!

Teen Titans #48

You’re supposed to read this before Amazons Attack #3! Watch Supergirl and Wonder Girl join in on the innocent man decapitating!

Thunderbolts #115

Songbird’s plan has a fatal flaw….or two….or three

Transformers Movie Adaption #4

Hooray! The end to the series you could have bought a month ago in tpb and still can buy the trade to finally comes out!

Trials of Shazam Vol. 1

Watch Captain (name removed for legal reasons) regain his power and black hair

Ultimate Fantastic Four #43

Hey look kids! A late movie tie-in. kind of.

Ultimate Vision #4

Sometimes it takes Mike Carey awhile to pump out his crap

Ultimate X-Men #83

Nightcrawler. He gonna get it.

Ultimates 2 Vol. 2 Grand Theft America TP
Yay! this is like the halfway point in my wait for the hardcover!

The Walking Dead #38
People who eat people

Wetworks #10

OMG! A Wildstorm book that comes out on time and is fairly decent.HURRAH!

Witchblade #107
Chris Bachalo likes drawing da womens


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