Let’s talk about NEW AVENGERS #31 BIG SPOILERS AHEAD by Paul Shelton



So, in this week’s issue of Brian Michael Bendis’ New Avengers which has been hailed as the beginning of Marvel Comics’ big event for 2008, we find out that Elektra who had gained control of the Hand, at some point, is a skrull. This discovery begs the question, “Who else has this happened too?” That is somewhat hinted at with the final page with Luke Cage’s baby giving a big green eyed stare.

A skrull, for those not in the know, is a race of shape changing aliens who’ve been trying to take over planet Earth since Stan Lee invented them back in Fantastic Four #2.

What does this mean? Well, the obvious accusation is that it is Marvel’s way of putting a bunch of genies back in their bottles. Some may believe Captain America didn’t die, it was just a skrull. Iron Man and Reed Richards weren’t jerks during Civil War, they were just skrulls. They could even use this plot as a way for characters like Peter Parker and Matt Murdock to go back to their old secret identities.

Bendis has done a couple of interviews, one for Newsarama, and IGN.com. I like the IGN one better because he’s a bit more straightforward in it. He’s kind of said that he’s not going to cheapen the stories told in the recent Marvel events but he still uses some shifty doubletalk.

What could they do with this story?

It could be the next chapter in an ever growing list of awesome Marvel events or it could be Marvel’s version Superboy Prime punching the walls of time and ressurecting a dead kid in hot pants.

I would, personally, like to see this be them restoring continuity instead of changing it. For example, it could be revealed Elektra has been a skrull since Frank Miller did Elektra Lives Again where he killed her off. Stuff like that where the skrulls have inserted themselves into the crevices of the earthlings lives would be cool.


If a bunch of people have been replaced with skrulls, let the accusations begin!

Let’s go back to House of M first. Why did some of the characters remember it who were close to the final battle and there were some who didn’t? Maybe, it’s because the one’s who don’t have any memory of it weren’t there?

Even more worrisome, we’ve all been wondering how come the Scarlet Witch’s “No More Mutants” missed a bunch of mutants but what if it didn’t? What if she really did depower all of the mutants on earth? Who are all those people who still have powers?

In Civil War, who is this Miriam Sharp woman? Who is Maria Hill? Who is TYPEFACE?

Seriously, wouldn’t you think that Hank Pym, great Avenger that he is, might have tried to fight back against Hulkling who supposedly incapacitated him during the Final Battle? That is, unless, of course, “Hank Pym” saw Hulkling as perhaps the prophesized savior of his entire race?

Notice how Jessica Jones and her baby left for Canada during Civil War but yet first post Civil War issue of New Avengers she’s back in New York without much explanation?

What’s up with Black Panter? None of his subjects seem to think he’s acting like a good and decent Wakandan king? Then again, when did they start speaking against their king?

Professor X has kind of been shown to do some crappy things as of late.

Honestly, who knows what the **** is up with Spider-Woman?

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