Cosmic Comics

by Paul Shelton

For those of you who missed Marvel’s Annihilation event because you were entrenched in Civil War, Marvel’s cosmic characters are now cool. Don’t believe me? Understandable. What did they have? Quasar, the Silver Surfer, and Nova when he wasn’t hanging out with a bunch of careless teenagers?

Thanks to the people who orchestrated Annihilation this is no longer the case. You can see the fruits of their efforts in the upcoming semi-sequel, Annihilation: Conquest. More immediately, you can check out Nova. Issue 3 comes out next week.

A little history of the series might be needed. In the inaugural issue of this series, Nova was cleaning up some of the leftovers from Annihilation. He’s still bearing the full power of the Nova Corps and trying to help the universe.

In issue two, he wound back up on earth with his parents. He found out what transpired during Civil War and gave his two cents on how he felt about it.

Issue three is more of that. He has a confrontation with a group of super…..heroes? He shares a reunion with an old friend and makes a vital decision about his place in the Marvel Universe.

The people who might like this book the most might not even be Marvel fans. I find the book is comparable to the issues of Green Lantern that featured Kyle Rayner, especially the first Ion issues. Richard Rider is a human who is the last of the Nova Corps and has to try and police the entire universe. He also needs to rebuild the Nova Corps to lighten his power load but I’m pretty sure he’s not going to jump into a big lantern and create a bunch of little blue midgets to solve his problem. Though, it doesn’t look like he’s completely set against recruiting blue skinned kree to his cause either.


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