Another Informative Writing by Paul Shelton

Guys like Girls. Girls like Girls. These are facts. So I must ask all you loyal comic fans and Von’s Comics customers, why on earth do we still have these trades in stock. They should be selling like hotcakes and we should never have a week where we have them in because someone should always be picking them up on Wednesday when all of our wonderful new comic, graphic novels, and reorders come in.
For the uninformed, Girls is the Luna Brothers’ second comic venture, the first being the acclaimed series Ultra. The comic features a small rural town overrun with gendercidal naked women, a giant sperm monster and the horrible nature of the human condition.
Now to those weary of mini and/or maxi series(Most of the issues we have in our comprehensive back issue collection) that are nothing but movie pitches, let me just say your point is quite valid in this instance. In fact, you might even be 100% correct but this feminist action/horror/survival story is still worth the buy right now, even if the movie gets made in a couple of years.
Now for those who are intrigued, I think I’ve done my job. If you want to know more, say who this book is best suited for. Let me say this, fans fo Brian K. Vaughn’s Y: The Last Man(especially the characters of Alter and Victoria) will be dying, getting horribly disfigured or losing organs(at the very least) to meet the towns resident nagging wife and psychopath, Nancy.
So, in closing, Come into Von’s Comics where you can pick up some Girls.

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