Graphic Novel Spotlight

Here’s a few graphic novels that have come in recently that you may want to check out:

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 – It seems that everyone is taken by this little tale of mice and swords. We obviously underestimated the demand for this book, because we were sold out by the early afternoon. The art is fantastic in this book and (I’ve heard) that the story is great. I’m looking forward to getting my own copy soon, as well as the new series, Mouse Guard: Winter 1152, that starts in July.

Eternals – Neil Gaiman pens an update to Jack Kirby’s iconic cosmic series. This collection will look great next to your 1602 and Sandman books.

The Plain Janes – DC launches its Minx line with a new graphic novel written by acclaimed young adult writer Cecil Castelluci. While DC is aiming this new comics line at young female readers, this book looks interesting for all readers.

Ultimate X-Men vol. 16: Cable – Robert Kirkman finally hit his stride with this storyline. I don’t even really like the X-Men, but I thoroughly enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) this book. Perfect jumping on point for new readers or those readers that gave up on Ultimate X-Men a while back.

Runaways vol. 3 HC – Don’t like those little digest books that Marvel has been putting out lately but still want to read Runaways? Well, then this book is for you. A decently priced over-sized hardcover that collects issues #13 – 24. You NEED to be reading this book.

– Carroll


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