Countdown: Weekly Comics, Dini Style

An informative writing by Paul Shelton

Hey everyone, who’s feeling an empty place in their hearts and minds now that 52 is over and done with?

Don’t fret, Paul Dini is coming to the rescue with Countdown, DC’s new year long weekly endeavor.

For those of you who don’t know, Paul Dini is one of the great minds behind many of the DC animated properties from Batman the Animated series to Justice League Unlimited. Not to mention, he’s done runs on comics like his current stint on Detective Comics. He even brought his favorite creation, Harley Quinn, into DC canon(or what counts for DC canon nowadays)

Unfortunately, Dini won’t be writing every single issue but he is the man who’s plotted out what will happen in the course of the event. Other writers include Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Tony Bedard.

Anyways, this issue kicks off the grand adventure in good form. We see who some the major players are, and we also get a good idea of what this story will entail. If I were a more presumptuous fellow, I would be tempted to say we might be looking at the beginnings of a YEAR LONG CRISIS level event.

So bottom line, come in to Von’s Comics(We’re still in the basement doing our comic and used book thing), give the first issue of Countdown a try, and if you like it; keep picking it up. I’m sure some of you will be pleasantly surprised.


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