Jumping On Points.

In which Carroll reviews/recommends three titles this week that are perfect points to jump on for new readers.

DMZ #18 – Matty, our dear protagonist, has beaten the odds – he has survived in a war zone when nobody else thought he would. He’s also become the country’s most important reporter concerning the New Civil War. The really cool thing about this issue, though, is that Matty takes a back seat, and we get a first person view of a soldier’s experience. Specifically one that was involved in the massacre of a couple of hundred people. This issue is very emotional, very grim, but also very real. I could imagine a real person saying the things this young soldier was saying. This was my favorite issue of the series so far, and is a great place for someone to jump on that hasn’t already been reading it, or hasn’t read it for a few issues.

Justice League of America #8 – A lot of mouthy people on the internet have been hatin’ on Brad Meltzer’s run on the new JLA. Well, their full of crap. This book has been great, and I think it’s just going to get better with this new JLA/JSA crossover that starts in this issue. New readers reluctant to start something eight issues in need not worry, because these characters stand on their own very well and there is really no back story to this new arc. It nicely ties together the camaraderie and competitiveness of the two big teams, and sets up what looks to be an intriguing mystery – something Brad Melzter has a lot of experience with, seeing as he’s a New York Times bestselling mystery author.

Ultimate X-Men #81 – Robert Kirkman writes the book Invincible. It is the best superhero comic on the rack. Seriously. Even better than Daredevil. His dialog is realistic and true, and he leaves you hanging just enough to water your mouth, but not enough for you to give up caring, a la Dragonball Z. He weaves subplots like he’s using a loom on his scripts. And as soon as one subplot ends, another takes it place, giving the book a very fluid feeling, especially when reading long runs of the issues. So, what’s that have to do with Ultimate X-Men? He’s beginning to work the same magic on this book as he does with Invincible. The latest issue is less of a complete story than it is a major set-up of about half a dozen stories. If any spot was a good place to jump on this book, here it is. It think Kirkman’s got something big up his sleeve and you should not miss out.


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