Captain America #25 and others…reviews by Carroll.

So something big happened yesterday. I can’t remember exactly what…oh yeah! Our beloved Captain America was made into swiss cheese. That is to say, he died of multiple gunshots. Ouch.

Anyways, want to know what I thought about the issue? I THOUGHT IT WAS GREAT! I thought it was one of the best superhero stories I’ve ever read. (And I’m not just saying that because I have a man-crush on Ed Brubaker.) It was all there. Drama, suspense, a little bit of comedy (not much, though). I genuinely felt bad for the character at the end of the story. And yeah, I know it’s a comic and that Steve Rodgers will be back on his feet eventually, but for now I’m looking forward to what Brubaker and company are going to do with Ol’ Cap.

Actually, here’s my prediction. Bucky, aka the Winter Soldier, will take up the Shield and release a new kind of American justice upon society. Working with Nick Fury (or whoever is claiming to be Fury) Bucky will stop at nothing from finding the Red Skull and killing him. And no, he’s not Ronin, ’cause Bucky’s a loner. Also, at the same time, the Punisher will become a Captain America of sorts, embodying the new kind of Americanism that we’ve all grown up with – guns, guns, and more guns. But instead of going after the Red Skull, Punisher thinks it’s Stark’s fault, thus relentlessly hounding him and his Mighty Avengers until they eventually stop him and imprison him in 42. That’s where we see the Punisher really kick in. He leads a revolt, brings down the house, and all of Stark’s fascist ideas with him. By that time, we realize that Steve Rodgers isn’t dead, but being held prisoner by BOTH Stark and Red Skull, in some sort of weird/evil team-up, and Bucky and Punisher simultaneously bust Rodgers out and all is well. Except the part where Tony becomes an alcoholic again. But he deserves it.

Ooookay. That was way to long and geeky.

Other books I read this week: (out of 5 stars)
Authority #2 – We actually get to see the Authority in this issue. And they aren’t in Kansas anymore. **1/2
Civil War: The Initiative – This book isn’t worth $5. *
Criminal #5 – Oh. My. God. Brilliant ending to this storyline. *****
Scalped #3 – This book is rolling along nicely. Good dialogue, interesting story. ***1/2
Ultimate Spider-man #106 – I haven’t been reading this book for a long while, but decided to check it out again since it had Daredevil on the cover. Not bad. ***


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