Coming soon to a comic store near you…

Wow. There are some really cool things coming out soon. Because of that, and the fact that I didn’t read much this past week, I’m going to do some previews, instead of reviews. So, here’s what’s looking pretty good for the next week or so.

Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #1 – I finally picked up the original mini in hardback after they came out with another new cover for it, featuring everyone’s favorite planet-eater, Galactus, and loved it, so I was really looking forward to this crossover series. Anyways, Marvel Zombies vs. AoD looks at the origins of the Marvel Zombie world, putting everyone’s favorite chainsaw wielding retail clerk, Ash, right in the middle. I liked this book, but found it lacked a lot of the outright silliness of the original. This could be because Kirkman isn’t the writer, merely a consultant, or that it’s just a different style of humor altogether. Either way, it’s good, but not as good as the original – so far. It did reveal a very cool character not seen in the original series (although shown in previews on the net), and opened up a lot for the Kirkman-penned one-shot, Dead Days, that comes out in May. If you liked the original Marvel Zombies, you’ll want to pick this up.

Newuniversal #4 – Okay, so this series is grade-A awesome. It’s been a slow build – establishing the world and the characters – but I kind of dig that sometimes, especially when a writer like Warren Ellis is at the helm. This issues goes more into the character Star Brand and what he means to the whole Newuniverse thing. Ellis’ dialogue is right on, and the art is good, even if Larroca has been watching too many movies. If you haven’t been reading this one, you need to be, especially if you were/are a fan of Planetary or any other of Ellis’ space-type books. Another reason to get it: so it doesn’t get canned like Nextwave did. I cry sometimes at night because of that one.

Other noteworthy books coming soon…
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 #1
Captain America #25
Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born #2
Feeble Attempts
Justice League of America #6
Mighty Avengers #1



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