Review by Carroll: Nextwave and others.

Nextwave: Agents of HATE vol. 1: This is What They Want

I read the first couple of issues of this series back when it was first coming out and I liked it, but it was just another monthly book that I couldn’t keep up with. Well, it seems that I should have been buying the monthlies because Marvel up and canceled the book. Seems monthly sales weren’t high enough to warrant the paychecks that Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen were getting.

C’est la vie.

But anyways. This was definitely an underrated book that should have gotten more attention than it did. I guess a book that has absolutely zero well-known characters (I wouldn’t even call them C-list characters) can’t make it in a world of Civil War and Ultimate whatever. Whatever. That’s a conversation for another day. Here. Now. We talk about the funniest, craziest, stupidest comic that Marvel has ever put out.

Have you ever seen an Asian action movie? I’m not talking about Crouching Tiger or Hero. I’m talking about stuff like Ichi the Killer or Volcano High. The crazy stuff. Well, that’s kind of what Nextwave is like. Ellis has taken the crazy parts of Asian action cinema and mixed it with a healthy does of comedy. What other comic has a giant lizard threatening to put a superhero down his pants? None I tells ya.

So get this book. Ellis has stated that he has more Nextwave stories in his head, but who knows if we’ll actually get to see them. Maybe if a bunch of people buy this book, and the next one, Marvel will put out new ones. COME ON PEOPLE, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Other books I read this week (ratings out of 5 stars):

Astonishing X-Men #20 – Is Colossus the harbinger of doom for the Breakworld? I doubt it, but it’s fun to pretend. ****
52 #41 – I hate to spoil things, but the only thing really cool about this issue is that planet that’s a Green Lantern. That guys is FAT. **1/2
Justice Society of America #3 – Brian made a big deal about the girl on the cover not having underwear. Personally, I like it when girls don’t wear underwear. Oh, and the story is pretty good in this one. *****
Thunderbolts #111 – Run, Jack Flagg, run! Oh, poor Jack Flagg. ****
Ultimate X-Men #79 – Whatever shall the X-Men do now? Don’t know, but I’m looking forward to finding out. Kirkman has sure hit his stride on this book. ****


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