Review by Brian: X-Factor

It’s not just for X-fans! This is one of the best books that Marvel puts out, even if you don’t normally like X-Men books. X-Factor is so different from every other X-book out there, everyone can find something to love in it! The team is composed of many lesser-known mutants, like Multiple Man, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane, Siryn, M, and House of M’s Layla Miller (one of the coolest new Marvel characters to come along in a while!), with frequent appearances by the Son of M himself, Quicksilver! Personally, I’ve been reading and loving X-Factor since the early nineties when it became the all-new all-different X-Factor led by Havok and written by Peter David, and I love seeing the continued adventures of many members of that team. Having read so much X-Factor, I can honestly say that this latest incarnation of X-Factor, also written by David, blows every previous X-Factor out of the water!

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