Review by Carroll: Thunderbolts #1[10]

You like what I did there with the title? I was trying to make a joke about how Thunderbolts is on #110, but it’s really like #1, now that Warren Ellis (Internet Jesus) is writing it. Seriously, honestly, who cared about Thunderbolts before Civil War?

Okay, so one or two of you.

Anyways, I have been drafted to write a review of this issue in order to round out our staff picks for the week. But I was thinking, do I really need to review the book? If you haven’t at least read it off the rack to see where Ellis is taking this two-bit joke of a comic then you’ve probably been offended by some of the things I’ve said already. Well I’m not sorry. I’m just not. I know crappy comics when I see them, and I call them out. I’m calling the first one hundred and nine issues of the Thunderbolts out. They sucked.

Now, though. Now we have a comic on our hands. A living, breathing piece of work that you can care about. The first few pages, which have been previewed on the internets, are worth your three bucks alone. Bullseye, with all his muscle-bound insanity is actually scared. He’s afraid for his life. Not since Frank Miller’s run on Daredevil have we seen Bullseye scared.

That, however, isn’t even the best part of the book. The best part is that Ellis makes me (you) care about Jack Flag. When a has-been hero, living in a cramped apartment with his wife, is running for his life for being what he is – a hero – then you know something is completely wrong with this team. And that’s great. You don’t know who you’re rooting for. Are you rooting for the heroes on the run – the so-called criminals? Or are you rooting for criminals who are the so-called heroes? That ambiguity that Ellis brings to the table puts this book in a new league, one that it could only watch from the outside before now.

Heck, I like the book so much I won’t even mention that it’s a good rip-off of Suicide Squad.


(Also, as of Friday, January 12, we have this awesome variant cover in stock.)


2 Responses to Review by Carroll: Thunderbolts #1[10]

  1. John says:

    Death to the unbeliever!

    Actually in the comic’s defense the first…..four issues are good.

    And I’m sure the Avengers crossover was neato keen!

    I got nothing.

    ~John the Great

  2. Brian says:

    I think the ad for the Thunderbolts toys with the screaming Captain America figure is worth $3 by itself.

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