Best selling graphic novels.

Here are the three best-selling graphic novels of the past few weeks. I can vouch for them all – they’re good and cheap.

ACTION PHILOSOPHERS: GIANT-SIZE THING VOL. 1 TP (Evil Twin) – A kind of Philosphy For Dummies comic that is pretty funny and you learn something at the same time. This volume collects the first three sold-out issues and is only $6.95. (That’s $2 dollars cheaper than buying the individual comics!)

DMZ VOL. 1 TP (Vertigo) – This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about this book on here, but if you still haven’t caught on, then now is the perfect time. Only 10 bucks and it collects the first story line of a future civil war-torn America.

FIVE FISTS OF SCIENCE GN (Image) – An original graphic novel that pits Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla against and evil Thomas Edison and J.P. Morgan. If you liked LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, then you should check this book out.

If we are ever sold out of these books, or any of our other graphic novels, just put in a reorder request with us. There’s no extra charge and subscribers still get their 15% discount!


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