Must Haves for this week.

CRISIS AFTERMATH: THE BATTLE FOR BLUDHAVEN #1 (DC): Remember when the villians dropped Chemo on Bludhaven? Yeah, that was pretty cool. Well, find out what went on after the devastation.

DESOLATION JONES #6 (Wildstorm) – The last issue in the first book of DESOLATION JONES. According to Warren Ellis, we’re all going to be pissed at him after this issue. Find out why!

FRESHMEN TPB (Top Cow/Image) – Finally, the sold-out mini series co-created by Seth Green is collected in one nice volume.

SHAOLIN COWBOY #5 (Burly Man) – It may take forever for this comic to come out, but it’s worth it. And it takes just as long to read an issue, since Geoff Darrow’s art is more detailed than an atlas.

THE TOURIST GN (Image) – My man Brian Wood is on a role. Between DMZ, LOCAL, and now this, I don’t know how he manages to have a life. Check this book out for a story about drugs and violence. What could be better?

(Marvel) – Another sold-out series finally available in a nice collection. Pick this up, because the issues are nowhere to be found.


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