Restocking the Graphic Novels.

Our graphic novel selection is finally getting back to normal. The last couple of weeks have been big on graphic novel and trade paperback reorders. Stop in and check out the selection. Here are a few highlights:

(Marvel) – a new release, but essential nontheless. This monster collects the entire run of Bendis’ ALIAS plus a couple of extra issues, including the WHAT IF…? issue. This was a really great series, and I was sorely disapointed to see it end. (PULSE was never as good.)

A COMPLETE LOWLIFE (Topshelf) – So you say you like Ed Brubaker’s writing on CAPTAIN AMERICA and DAREDEVIL? Well, did you know that he used to write and draw an indie comic called LOWLIFE? Betcha didn’t. This is a really good comic that is part fact, part fiction, and always humorous.

INFINITY WAR (Marvel) – Check out Marvel’s cosmic opus, featuring just about every Marvel character that’s worth a damn.

OMAC PROJECT (DC) – The best of the mini-series leading up to INFINITE CRISIS is back in stock in trade form. Make sure you get this one because the OMAC stuff isn’t going away anytime soon, and you’ll want to make sure you know what’s going on.

UNLIKELY (Top Shelf) – The first big Jeffrey Brown book might be the best. Guaranteed to make you laugh (and possibly cry).


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