Von’s Recommends

BATMAN: YEAR 100 (DC): Remember Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One? Remember how good they were? Well, Year 100 comes about as close as you can to being that good. Paul Pope is an amazing artist and with these books he’s proving to be an amazing writer as well. Batman is again dark, mysterious and dangerous. As a prestige format book it’s a little pricey ($5.99), but it’s well worth it.

GREEN ARROW #60 (DC): Where’s ol’ Ollie been for the past year? And why is Deadshot so happy about his new job? This issue mixes a little mystery with a little political intrigue. DC is taking some interesting direction with their bigger characters, and I suggest checking them out now while you still can.

ULTIMATE EXTINCTION #3 (Marvel): Wait…what? Since when was the Silver Surfer so awesome? Warren Ellis sure knows how to write good stories using mediocre characters. Be sure to check out the last leg of the Ultimate Galactus story arch.

Other sure bets:
CONAN: BOOK OF THOTH #1 (Dark Horse)
DMZ #5 (Vertigo)
GIRLS #11 (Image)
ULTIMATE X-MEN #68 (Marvel)
WALKING DEAD #26 (Image)


3 Responses to Von’s Recommends

  1. Anonymous says:

    New design looks good.
    Why isn’t Oni Press on the links list?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, meant to put that on the new design post.

  3. Von's Comics says:

    Oni Press is now on the list. Thanks for the heads-up!

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