Von’s Recommends.

Hey kids, here are some books you might have looked over, but you should be reading:

LOCAL (Oni Press): Each issue is a self-containted story that takes place in a different city. People send writer Brian Wood pictures of their hometown and he uses them to draft a cool story. The art is great, too. Number four came in this past week and we sold out right away. Fortunately more are on their way, and we have the first three issues in stock as well.

DMZ (Vertigo): Another Brian Wood book. This one, though, is about a photo journalist that gets thrown into the midst of a new United States Civil War that’s centered in NYC. Another gem from Vertigo, I see this one going for one for a while and being as popular as Transmet or Y the Last Man. It’s up to issue four as of now and we have all of them in stock.

FELL (Image): Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith team up to create on the best noir-crime books in years. Ellis’ knack for dialogue is a perfect match with Templesmith’s creepy art style. And what’s with the nun with the Nixon mask? Oh, and did I mention this book is a mere two bucks?!? We sold out of issue four in less than four hours, but more are on their way. You can pick up the first three issues now, though. DO IT!

AMERICAN VIRGIN (Veritgo): Weird title, even weirder concept. What happens when a young Christian evangelical who has been saving his virginity for marriage has his whole life turned upside down and chopped to little bits? With art by Becky Cloonan (DEMO), you know this is a hit. Recommended for fans of Y the Last Man.

Anything ULTIMATE (Marvel): You say you need a healthy does of superheroes? It’s not going to get better than the Ultimate line. See Hawkeye kill a room-full of bad guys with just his fingernails. See Ultimate Deadpool kick Spider-man’s ass. See the Hulk rip Wolverine in half! If you like superhero comics and you’re not reading the Ultimate stuff then there is something wrong with you. Seriously.

INFINITE CRISIS (DC): This is why the DCU is better than the Marvel Universe. Geoff Johns is laying waste to the DCU and you’re missing it! You better get on this now, because when the much-hyped 52 series kicks off in May, you’re going to cry about not knowing what’s going on. All issues in stock as we speak!


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