New Comic Wednesday, December 7.

So the way the comic store is going to work for while is that it will be very limited and in the record store. For now we only have enough extra space for one week’s worth of new comics. (We’re hoping to at least be able to put up a second shelf for more browsing, ASAP). We’re mostly just working to fill subscriptions, but we’re more than willing to search for things for you. If there is something from an earlier week that you’re looking for, just ask about it and we’ll see if we either have it, or if we can order it.

Sorry about not posting a shipping list for this week, but everyone’s been busy with school and the clean-up at work. We’ll hopefully resume normal posting this coming week.

Hope to see you guys in the store soon, and thanks again for supporting us in this hectic period.

Oh, one more thing. All the bags ‘n boards are water logged so we won’t be able to give any out this week. Hopefully a new shipment will be in by next Wednesday. Just keep track of how many you’re missing and we’ll hook you up when more come in.

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