Von’s recommends…

All Star Superman #1 – Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly bypass all that origin crap and get right down to business. Luthor is evil and Supes is at the height of his power. But what happens when Lex actually figures out how to kill the Man of Steel? Find out in the first of 12 issues!

Books of Doom #1 – Ed Brubaker gives us a new, modern look at Victor Von Doom’s origin story. Brubaker’s knack for dialogue makes this one fast-paced and very enjoyable. This book’s going to popular so pick it up now before it’s too late.

#43 – Another issue of the Eisner Award-winning series about fable characters trying to get by after being kicked out of their homelands. In this issue we learn more about the Arabian fables and why they’re in Fabletown.


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